Term of our Service

Once you have completed the clients form to join our pack you would have automatically agreed to our terms and conditions which are as follows:

  1. All hounds that are coming to stay here with us, must have up to date injections and be healthy to ensure our pack stays healthy.
  2. Hounds of Hackney will ensure all hounds are cared for to the highest of care! However, Hounds of Hackney will not be held responsible for injury, loss or death of any animal whilst in our care.
  3. Any hound that seems to be neglected or mistreated, Hounds of Hackney have the right to contact animal welfare if need be for the well-being of the dog.
  4. If any vet care is needed for the hound, the owner/s will cover the cost.
  5. It’s the owners responsibility to let us know if their female is in heat as HoH cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur ( pregnancy)
  6. All male dogs over the age of 6 months (or when reaches sexual maturity) must be neutered before joining our day care.
  7. Hounds of Hackney does it’s best to look after the hounds belongings i.e. bedding, accessories and toys e.t.c but will not be held responsible for them if lost or damaged.
  8. Hounds of Hackney reserve the right to refuse any hound who we will feel will not be suitable to join us.
  9. Hounds of Hackney has the right to change, update and alter our Terms and Conditions at any given time without prior notice.