Dog Groomiing

It depends on many things such as breed, temperament and hair style etc but the groomer will give you a rough time and will txr 20 mins before finishing the groom.
No, we have 1 groomer and they will groom 1 dog at a time to minimise stress for the dog.
The groomer can wait around 15 mins free of charge but after that then there will be a late pick up fee.

Dog Walking

We walk 2 dogs at a time usually.
We usually take our dogs to any safe green area or park, however, if you do require a specific place we can discuss this also.
Yes, we do. unless you have specific treats you wish for us to give your dog
Yes, we do provide pick and drops locally. Please send us your postcode and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Yes, of course. We can do one on one walks.
Nope. It will be the same Walker so they can build a bond with the dog

Day Care

No, all of our dogs are always under supervision.
Any age 🙂 as long as they have had their jabs.
Please send us your address to see if we have available slots in your area.
Of course, we just require a message on the Sunday confirming the day/s you wish to change.
We have a lovely Mercedes van that is fully fitted with secure crates inside.
We try our level best to be be accommodating and do require at least 24 hours notice as we have limited spaces in the van, we have a cancellation fee which is 50% of the daycare charge.
Please message or email directly and we will be able To check availability 😊
Most of our hairy friends are at home alone when we go in to collect them, we hold clients keys to make it easy to pick and drop off the dog. We are Dbs checked and treat clients keys with the highest amount of privacy and respect
Each day is different and it ranges from 8 to 15. Certain days we devote just to puppies to help them socialise and make them interact with other puppies the right way.
Timings are roughly from 8.30/10.30 and drop off is from 3.30/5.30 depending on traffic and weather etc.
If they are under 6months then just some lunch but that’s all we would need apart from the doggy 😊

Doggy Daycare, Dog Walking & Dog Grooming

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Please note: We are fully booked for walks at the moment.

Get intouch with us for availability and your bespoke requirements.

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