Doggy Daycare

While you’re at work or taking a break from doggy duties, you can rest assured that your four-legged friend will be safe and mentally stimulated with our experienced doggy day care team.

We run a fun and exciting doggy daycare for our hairy friends.

Our Approach

We like to get to know each and every dog who stays at Hounds of Hackney to understand their unique personality and needs, so we encourage all dogs and owners to join us for a meet and greet prior to their first day.

We ensure that your beloved best friend leaves us feeling contented and happy, ready for a cuddle or a snooze at the end of the day.

An example of our daily programme

Morning – We start to organise exciting activities (depending on the dogs that are coming so we can always mix it up and make it interesting for them) toys, kongs with peanut butter, exercise toys including tug of war ropes, tennis balls,snuffle matts and special dog activity board games.

Midday – We gather the dogs that will be going for a walk and start getting toys ready to take with us and off-course some yummy treats! We vary our walks between the lovely open spaces that hackney has to offer.

UPDATE: Due to the ongoing dognappers active in hackney, for the safety of our dogs and our staff we will not be posting where we are walking them etc. We always carry an attack alarm, self protection dye spray. We have the safety of our dogs and staff as our top priority!

Afternoon – After a little snooze (in the main house or in the summer house) it is lunch time for the pups under 7 months old. We have a separate area for the dogs to eat lunch. After lunch we get down to do more fun activities such as doing some agility games, some basic training with the dogs, fun in the large bull pit or a nice little swing in the hammock for the dog that wishes to relax a little more.

In the summer on warm days, we have two large paddling pools and one puppy paddling pool. We also bring out frozen fruits, peanut butter ice cubes, frozen peanut butter lick matts and frozen kongs with fruits/peanut butter. In the summer house and the main house we have air conditioning units with inbuilt air purifiers to help keep them cool and the air clean.

Please note: If your puppy is over 6 months old they won’t need to bring any lunch unless advised by a vet etc. 🍽

Why is Doggy Daycare essential?

Doggy daycare is essential for any pup or dog to help them with socialising, independence, stimulation, exercise and separation anxiety. We have many stimulation games and activities throughout the day to help pups/dogs really make use of their brain and senses. We provide one human to roughly four dogs so we really get to know the pup/dogs on a personal level and spend time with them to know their individual personalities and behaviour.

We recommend sending your puppy to daycare a week or so from having their 2nd jabs! This will help them socialise and give them a solid routine as early as possible. To take on any new puppy/dog for daycare we will invite you for a meet and greet session if we have any spaces available (by appointment only). 🐶

£29.99 (with HoH collecting the dog/s within our catchment areas in a van – Minimum Booking: 3 days a week) – Pick ups between 8.30 – 10.30 drop offs between 3.30 -5.30 both timings depend on traffic, route and weather.

£29.99 (walk-ins – that’s for the client/Pawrent dropping to and picking from HoH) If only attending 1 day/week).

£24.99 (walk-ins – that’s for the client/Pawrent dropping to and picking from HoH) If attending more than one day/week).

Please note: If the doggy has not attended daycare for 2 weeks we will have to give up their place to another dog waiting to join us.

For any additional requirements or needs please check with us.

Awared Winning Doggy Daycare

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Please note: We are fully booked for walks at the moment.

Get intouch with us for availability and your bespoke requirements.

Contact Form

Please use this contact form for any queries and questions and give as much information as possible. such as breed, age, temperament and have they been to daycare before etc.