Hypoallergenic and natural dog treats and its benifits

Here at Hounds of Hackney HQ, we are all about optimum pet health. We are always thinking about what we can do to help you and your dog feel great! Today, we are delving into the world of Natural & Hypoallergenic dog treats and their benefits.

Natural dog treats are becoming increasingly popular among pet owners who understand the importance of rewards that are both healthy and tasty.

Now, we all know that when we eat a healthier and more natural diet, in most cases, we feel much better. Albeit, it may just be on the inside!

Knowing what is best for your dog’s diet can be really tricky and can come down to a lot of different factors.

Your routine could come from your childhood and the environment you grew up in. It could come from a friend’s routine – if you don’t have a lot of previous experience or it could come from independent research.

Obviously, none of the above are wrong. However, it’s important to understand that dogs are subjected to the same ailments as us and their bodies are ever changing, just like ours. So, keep a keen eye for any digestive disturbances.

Over exposure to the same ingredient can cause the immune digestive system to react in negative ways.
Hypoallergenic treats are a great way to ensure your pooch gets as much nutritional value as possible and are a great way to help your dog get its’ digestive tract on the right path.
Ingredients like beef, dairy, corn and wheat (to name a few) are used in the majority of standard dog food and treats. Due to this fact, many dogs can no longer process them because of the over exposure. To make matters worse, once a dog develops an allergy, they may develop others too.

Common symptoms and reactions that dogs suffer from when fed ingredients that don’t agree with them involve; Digestive issues, Itchiness, Skin irritations and Ear infections.
For dogs who have developed allergies, hypoallergenic dog food and hypoallergenic treats are an absolute MUST!

The immediate benefits of natural & hypoallergenic treats are;

    • Wholesome Nutrition
      Natural dog treats are usually rich in ingredients derived from natural sources and free from artificial additives, chemicals and preservatives. A combination of good quality meats, vegetables and gentle grains for a treat that your dog can enjoy with no adverse after-effects.
    • Hormone-free
      Low quality artificial treats are often manufactured from animals that have been pumped full of hormones and antibiotics. When pets eat these treats they build up an immunity to antibiotics, while ingesting the hormones in animal products can result in hyperactivity and has been linked to various health issues. Natural dog treats, however, are often made from the meat of free range animals that have not been subjected to hormone treatment and antibiotics.
    • No Unnatural Additives
    • Gentle Digestion
      Natural dog treats are easy to digest and gentle on the stomach. Switching from low quality to natural dog treats can reduce inflammation and lessen the severity of allergic reactions. And, the high quality ingredients mean less waste!
    • Better Dental Health
    • Weight Management
      Switching to high quality natural snacks that are sources of protein but contain little fat can be a useful way of helping your dog lose weight without taking away their favourite snacks.
    • Improved Immunity
      Natural Dog treats can help boost your pet’s immune system: Protein is essential in supporting immunity and natural dog treats are great sources of high quality protein.

Hypoallergenic & Natural dog treats were once upon a time, rare and expensive. However, these specialized treats are now an accessible option for pets with food allergies and intolerances.
The treat options are endless and be sure that your dog will absolutely be running back for more!

importance of grooming dogs

The Importance of Dog Grooming

Today we’re going to talk about the importance of grooming. Now, don’t be alarmed! It’s regarding your dog. I don’t know about you but working from home has created a slight change in the way that I go about my daily tasks. Working through this change, I have realised that establishing certain daily regimes and sticking to them is a catalyst for a healthy day and a healthy mind.
In the same vein, helping your dog keep up with certain grooming and exercise regimes is going to ensure that they feel their best at all times.

Grooming your dog in between visits to the grooming salon is vital to their wellbeing – both physical & mental. It may seem like it’s not a big deal but imagine how you would feel if you hadn’t brushed your hair for a few weeks? Probably a bit less than fresh.

Grooming takes many different forms. Whether it’s clipping your dog’s nails to the right length; cleaning their teeth for a big, healthy smile; cleaning their ears, wiping their eyes so that they can see comfortably as well as brushing and bathing their coat to bring out its healthy natural shine.

A dog’s fur can often become tangled and knotted around itself without frequent brushing. Matting occurs a lot in many dog breeds with curly, fine or double coats. In extreme cases, a dog’s coat can become what groomers call ‘pelted’. This is when matting is very tight to the skin, preventing proper air flow.

Matting and pelting prevents proper temperature regulation, causes skin irritation, hides parasites like fleas or other nasties, and causes extreme discomfort and pain for the dog. In these cases, humanity over vanity is the best case scenario. Taking your dog’s fur back quite short – although a daunting thought! – is actually much better for the well-being of your pooch. This way, it will grow out much healthier and your dog will feel healthy and happy.

It’s all about putting preventatives in place.

‘Looking good now and feeling great later’. For instance, cleaning your dog’s eyes regularly with specially formulated pet eye wipes, helps to clean away any existing tear stains and dirt that could cause a blockage of the eye duct later on.

Another extremely important aspect of grooming your dog is familiarising yourself with your dog’s body. For example; combing your dogs fur is a good opportunity to catch any skin anomalies much earlier on.

By regularly cleaning your dog’s teeth, you will realise quickly if anything is out of the ordinary. You’ll know if they seem more sensitive or even if there is a slightly different smell which could be a sign of infection. When cutting their nail’s, you will notice a difference in sensitivity – if there is one.

Grooming is so important for both you and your dog as you are better educated on any potential problems you may want to bring up to your vet.

And it’s a great way of keeping your home clean!! The more you brush and bathe your dog, the more fur you catch in the brush and less floats around your home. It’s a win win really!

A dog grooming glove is a great option for lifting excess hair whilst simultaneously massaging your dog for a therapeutic –and most importantly, positive grooming experience.

I’d say one of the most important aspects of dog grooming is being able to bond and build trust between you and your dog. If anything occurs in the future, your dog will allow you to ease them through situations that they feel uncomfortable in.

Grooming your dog is a great relaxant for you both and an easy way to give your gorgeous dog some much needed attention.