Our dog walking service provides companionship and company for your dog whenever you’re away from your home. We understand how difficult it can be leaving your furry friend in someone else’s care, so we make sure to always make their walk a happy and enjoyable one with us.

“A tired dog is a happy dog”.

We meet with your dog prior to their first walk in order to better understand their personality and needs, allowing us to match your pup with others who have similar requirements, in groups of no more than three per walk.

About our Walks

Each of our Walks begin with the collection of your doggy by foot and then we proceed to begin our hour-long outdoor adventure, come rain or shine! We vary our walks between a number of parks in Hackney. We want to make sure that every dogs in our care is constantly challenged and stimulated by their surroundings. Each dog is encouraged to run, play and explore for an hour before being returned home relaxed and content from their walk.

We believe that a daily walk is great for your dog to really embrace and enjoy the great outdoors exploring until their heart’s content. It’s also proven to be essential for the following reasons: Fitness, Mental Stimulation, Socialisation – It can get lonely being at home all day, so our hour-long walk breaks up the day for your pet, providing them with an opportunity to meet new friends and try out new experiences. We also offer 1 on 1 walks.

1 Hour Dog Walks

From £11.99

** The minimum booking for walks is 3 days per week.

Your pet will learn to anticipate their regular walk routine, thus steering them away from boredom, desperation and anxieties e.t.c.

Social interaction provides mental and physical stimulation which leads to a much more happier and healthier companion.

On our walks we either go to London-fields, Hackney Downs or Hackney Marshes. On hot days they can also enjoy a nice walk along the river.

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Get intouch with us for availability and your bespoke requirements.

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