Let our groomer help your dog feel and look great!

Our friendly and patient groomer at Hounds of Hackney has experience with a vast range of different breeds and temperaments and always makes sure your pooch is as relaxed as possible, never rushing the grooming process. Every dog is groomed to the highest possible standard and, most importantly, is given our undivided care and attention. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied and are happy to discuss and create whatever style or level of maintenance you prefer, although we do adhere to “Humanity before vanity”!

“Make em look NICE!”.

Please notify us of cancellations at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Missed appointments without notice will be charged and added to the bill of your next groom.

Full grooms (including nails, ears etc)

(Prices are from and can change due to a number of things such as temperament, coat condition, fleas etc, please check with us)

Small dogs (i.e Yorkshire terrier)

£39.99 - £44.99

Medium dogs (i.e Cockapoo)

£44.99 - £49.99

Large dogs (i.e Labrador)

£54.99 - £59.99

Extra large dogs (i.e Irish Wolfhound)

£79.99 - £89.99

Individual Services

Nail cutting from


Wash and go from


Blueberry facial


Flea Shampoo Treatment

From £9.99

Hand Stripping

Available upon request

Please note: We are also a functioning daycare centre, so that being said we do not allow members of the public to come inside during opening hours as we take security serious with our clients dogs and hope you will respect our politeness in saying that when being asked to come inside. The groomer will contact you 20 mins before the dog is ready to be collected (a late charge of £10 will be added if more than 15 mins have passed the pick up time.

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